Joel Garcia

YB Realty

About Joel Garcia

I'd like to take a moment to briefly introduce myself because although I'm a young realtor, I have much experience from years of retail and sales throughout my working career; which has led me to this path. It has also given me the ability to be a quick, critical thinker and a great problem solver for each of my clients individual scenarios. Every client is different and has their own unique needs and wants. I plan on being a reliable source and always available to them when needed. I was born and raised in Connecticut and it is a tremendous advantage because of the knowledge it allows me to have, especially within the Fairfield county area which I plan on passing to my clients to help them with this new process. As well as my own personal knowledge I also have the opportunity to work with a great modern brokerage to help along the way. I have confidence not only in myself but the brokerage as well to successfully secure my clients with the best option for them.